Standard of hospital in India are such that they consistently provide safe, excellent, high-quality care and generally just as high as and sometime even higher than the home countries in western wealthy countries that to at the most affordable cost. With warmness in climate and hospitality Indian hospitals provides significant advantage in terms of quality of treatment and clinical competence of its doctors.

As the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman noted in his authoritative book “The World is Flat”, “France can forget about trying to save her 6 week worker vacation period standard holidays. In India they are trying to figure out how they can work 24 hours a day.”

Undoubtly, the quality and competence with which treatment like off beating heart surgery are performed at good hospitals in India is far ahead of the volume of similar work in the developed world. Most of the top hospitals in India are equipped with the best in class of technology and latest equipment like 182 slice CT scan, Computer Navigated surgery and digital cath labs, while many of the hospitals in the developed world are still using equipment which is at least a generation older. And for sure, because of it hospitals in India are able to offer outcomes backed by best in class clinical skills and contemporary technology at a fraction of the cost in the West.

Few other advantages selecting India as preferred medical care destinations, which actually helps a person to take convinced decision are –

Most of the doctors in reputed hospitals are US or UK trained and thus is enough reason to fulfill the needs and expectation of patients coming from abroad.

Thousands of Indian doctors practicing in Westerns countries have already proved their depth of knowledge and skills

English is widely spoken and understood in India and thereby minimizing language barrier

Direct or one stop flights from most of the countries

Peoples from other countries are treated with great respect and dignity as takes forward the culture along with its tradition.

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