Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) City Information

Medical Treatment Specialties in MUMBAI

Spinal, Cosmetic, Dental Care, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, etc.

Medical Standards and Accreditation: 
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Medical Association, Indian Health Care Federation, JCI.

Mumbai as a treatment city at a Glance: 
India’s most populous city, Mumbai, and its surrounding area are home to 20 million, making it the world’s fifth most populated urban center. Formerly Bombay (Portuguese for “good bay”), Mumbai is the economic and entertainment hub of India.

With six large private hospitals serving international patients and a number of specialty treatment centers, Mumbai now counts healthcare as one of its most important economic assets, along with engineering, information technology, and film. (“Bollywood” is king in India, and any hospital visitor with a television will be treated to some lively and colorful cinematic productions.) Mumbai is India’s New York, bristling with commercial activity and cultural diversity, extreme in every imaginable way.

Mumbai is headquarters to two large, multi-specialty hospitals, including the JCI-accredited Hospitals. A treatment center in Mumbai has established five super-specialty clinics for cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and minimal access surgery. There is also a super-specialty heart Institutes, offering a full range of cardiovascular diagnostics and surgeries.

Another Hospital, one of the India’s oldest and most venerated, offers 35 specialties, with a fully loaded International Patient Services center. Mumbai also hosts smaller, prestigious, single-specialty clinics, such as Eye Hospital s, Human Reproduction Clinic etc..

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