Chennai (formerly called Madras) City Information

Medical Treatment Specialties in CHENNAI

Cardiovascular, Dental Care, Orthopedics, Transplants, Stem Cell, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, etc.

Medical Standards and Accreditation: 
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Medical Association, Indian Health Care Federation, JCI.

Chennai as a treatment city at a Glance: 
Located on India’s southeastern Bay of Bengal coast, Chennai (formerly Madras) is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest city in India. Known for its numerous temples and classical Indian dance, Chennai is also the corporate headquarters of one of India’s largest hospital network. Much medical activity has grown around these Hospitals, and Chennai is now one of India’s most important medical centers. The hospital network has more than 7,000 beds in 32 locations, and its broader network includes nursing and hospital management colleges, pharmacies, diagnostic clinics, and a dental center also located in Chennai.

In Chennai a host of specialty clinics and research centers have followed big Hospitals' example, and standards are steadily rising. According to one hospital's officials, Americans use its services mostly for cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.

As with most other Asian destinations, larger surgeries are the focus for international patients. Cardiac specialties and orthopedics abound, particularly knee and hip replacements. More talked about is the popular Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure, only recently FDA-approved in the United States, and often a better choice than total hip replacement surgery for patients requiring such treatment.

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