Bangalore (in South India) City Guide India

Medical Treatment Specialties in BANGALORE
Cardiovascular, Cosmetic, Dental Care, General Surgery, Vitiligo, etc.

Medical Standards and Accreditation: 
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Medical Association, Indian Health Care Federation, JCI.

Bangalore as a treatment city at a Glance: 
Situated in southern India in the state of Karnataka, midway between the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, this capital city of six million is India’s fifth largest and fastest growing.

Bangalore has so many nicknames that one might suspect a public relations agency was working overtime. Its many local parks and abundant flora have earned it the name “The Garden City”. As India’s centre for software production and outsourcing, Bangalore also qualifies as “India’s Silicon Valley”. Its rich array of produce, including grapes, mangoes, and guavas, has tagged Bangalore as “Fruit Market of the South.” Bangalore is also known as the “Stone City” for its abundant granite deposits.

To this list one might add “Healthcare City”, as Bangalore boasts the largest number of World health Organization-approved systems of medicine in a single city. Patients will find a broad array of established treatment centers for Cardiovascular Surgery. Over the past five years, the average success rate for cardiac surgeries performed in Bangalore’s eight cardiac care hospitals was 99.3 percent, on par with hospitals in US cities.

Bangalore is also India’s unofficial seat of alternative treatments, and patients seeking help off the beaten medical path will find a wide array of choice, including ultramodern allopathy, Ayurveda, holistic naturopathy, spa-based rejuvenation, yoga, and more.

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